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  1. Episode 6: Renee Bauer

    In this week's episode, Renee talks about the evolution of being a writer, and different publishing avenues. ...


  2. Episode 5: Debra Bokur

    This week, my guest is mystery author Debra Bokur. Her book, The Fire Thief, was released last month. In this episode, we talk about how being a journalist and magazine and literary journal editor did not prepare her for writing and publishing fiction. ...


  3. Episode 4: Sarah Osborne

    Sarah Osborne talks about cozy mysteries, pantsing versus plotting, and her take on writing that first draft. ...


  4. Episode 3: Matty Dalrymple

    Matty Dalrymple is the author of the Lizzie Ballard thrillers and the Ann Kinnear suspense novels. In this episode, she talks about writing series novels and short fiction. ...


  5. Episode 2: Connie Johnson Hambley

    Connie and Linda talk about the community of writers, and how writers can locate resources and support from other writers. ...