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  1. Episode 11: Lisa Lieberman

    Historian and author, Lisa Lieberman, chats with me about visiting historical places and bringing them to life in her books. She also talks about conducting research. ...


  2. Episode 10: Linda Shenton Matchett

    LInda Shenton Matchett, author and self-proclaimed history geek, chatted with me this week about how social media platforms other than Facebook can be beneficial to writers. She also discusses how she, and many other writers, have found great success working on multi-author projects and series. ...


  3. Episode 9: Michael J. Malone

    Award winning Scottish author and poet, Michael J. Malone, joined me to talk about writing in multiple genres, how much of himself he puts into his books, and lots of other subjects ... including what the "J" stands for. Last time I interviewed Michael was when he published his first ...


  4. Episode 8: Julie Hennrikus/Julia Henry

    Julie talks about the books she writes under different names (including the Garden Squad Series) and the differences between being a writer and a published writer. Julie also shares information about her consulting business, which she founded to help coach writers and artists along the paths of their creative ...


  5. Episode 7: S. Lee Manning

    In this interview, S. Lee Manning talks about the long road to publication, espionage thrillers, and her upcoming release, Trojan Horse. ...