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  1. Episode 26: Joe Gannon

    Crime writer, Joe Gannon, talks with me today about his time as a journalist in South America and how it taught him all about research. He also discusses writing series characters who last. ...


  2. Episdoe 25: Eden Baylee

    Eden Baylee writes erotica, psychological suspense, and mystery. She is inspired by many things, including music and travel. In this week's episode, we talk about writing in multi-genres as well as co-writing with another author. ...


  3. Episode 24: Phillip E. Temples

    This week's guest is Phil Temples, author of Uncontacted Frontier and several other books. He talks about writing in the "lab lit" genre of scientific murder mysteries among other subjects. ...


  4. Episode 23: Bonnar Spring

    Bonnar Spring's international thriller, Toward the Light, was released recently and she visited with me to talk about that, how to find an agent, and how publishing short stories is VERY different from publishing novels. ...


  5. Episode 22: Ray Anderson

    Ray Anderson writes about hiking, something he's passionate about. His three thrillers all take place along major hiking trails and his most recent book, The Divide, chronicles a collision course between the story's protagonist and two home grown terrorists who are intent upon sending a catastrophe message. ...