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  1. Episode 31: Terre Short

    Terre Short is a human potential developer who specializes in leadership development and communication skills. She shares some of the wisdom that appears in her recent book, The Words We Choose, so you can maximuze the power of your voice - both as a writer and in your relationships. ...


  2. Episode 30: Sarah Osborne

    Welcome back, Sarah Osborne! Sarah revisits The Writer's Voice in Episode 30 to share her new Christmas book, talk about creating octogenarian sleuths, and offering tips for new writers. ...


  3. Episode 29: Ruby Peru

    After building a career as a ghostwriter of fiction, nonfiction, and memoir Ruby Peru's debut fantasy novel, Bits of String Too Small to Save, earned this from the Kirkus Reviews: “A wildly imaginative, occasionally haunting fantasy anchored by strong, evolving female characters.” ...


  4. Episode 28: John Radosta

    In Episode 28 of The Writer's Voice, John Radosta talks about co-writing a book, pseudonyms, and his book, Bob Dylan in Performance: Song, Stage, and Screen. ...


  5. Episode 27: Michael C. Keith

    Author Michael C. Keith talks with me about his perspectives on writing nonfiction, memoirs, and short stories. ...