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  1. Episode 46: Sarahlyn Bruck

    In this episode of The Writer's Voice, Sarahlyn Bruck talks about how various life experiences affect her writing: being from the west coast and living on the east coast, working a day job, and being a mother. ...


  2. Episode 45: Saralyn Richard

    In Episode 45 of The Writer's Voice, Saralyn Richard chats about writing believable characters from all walks of life ... and how her life experiences provided the research. ...


  3. Episode 44: Deborah Shepherd

    This week's guest, Deborah Shepherd, talks about her recent release, So Happy Together, and about how it can sometimes take a very long time to publish a book. She's a great inspiration, as well as an excellent example of patience paying off. ...


  4. Episode 43: Carole Bumpus

    This week's guest, Carole Bumpus, is a travel and food memorist. She talks about how food and family transcend genre and how she came to publish 3 books during the COVID pandemic. ...


  5. Episode 42: DeWitt Henry

    This week's guest, DeWitt Henry, is a writer, editor, and teacher. He talks about memoirs and family relationships. ...